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Walking Tours

Old Quarter


In this walking tour we will talk you about the Arab foundation of the city, the lost old castle or Alcázar, the defensive walls around the city and the old markets.


We will see from the street some of the 15th century Palaces, old towers of churches and, the most important of all, we will use our imagination to travel.


Along the time to discover what was there before, and what will we find can find now.


We start in Oriente Square and finish in Plaza Mayor. 2,5h tour.

Maximum 25 people per group.




Augsburg Quarter


In the year of 1561, Madrid became capital of the Hispanic Augsburg Empire by order of King FelipeII.


From that moment, the city start to build new buildings, churches, convents, squares, etc. It was all done very fast and without any logical urban order.


This Quarter is plenty of narrow streets, alleys... In the walk we will see some of the most important Official buildings like: Plaza Mayor, Plaza de la Villa, or Santa Cruz Palace.


We start in Oriente Square, and finish in Plaza Mayor. 2,5h tour.

Maximum 25 people per group.




Elegant Quarter (Bourbon District)


In the 18th century Spain changed of royal Dinasty, the new one where the Bourbons, coming from France.


They changed and embellish the city, and built a lot of new avenues, fountains, and parks.


The king Carlos III was called the "best Mayor of Madrid" because he was the one who decided to change the city aspect.


In this walking tour we will see art and culture, buildings like the Prado building or great and elegant buildings, like the Puerta de Alcalá, and beautiful fountains like: Cibeles, Neptuno and Apolo.


We start in Cibeles Palace and finish near Atocha Train Station. 2,5h tour.

Maximum 25 people per group.




Literary Quarter


This Quarter is close to the Prado Avenue, The most famous place is the Santa Ana Square.


There where a lot of theatres or called too “Corrales de Comedias”, (courtyards), where they represented the most popular literary works of the “golden century” writers like: Lope de Vega, Calderón de la Barca, Quevedo, or Cervantes.


In this quarter where born, live and died (buried in San Sebastian church) most qthe writers who we mentioned before.


We start the walking tour in Plaza de las Cortes and finish in Puerta del Sol. 2,5h tour.

Maximum 25 people per group.




Retiro Gardens And "San Jeronimo" Quarter


This gardens where originally the gardens of the Retiro Palace, that was build in 17th century by order of king Felipe IV. It was called the “Golden Jail".


In this park, we have the Alfonso XII monument, the Cristal Palace, the rest of an old porcelain factory, and the "garden of the reminds" in the honour of the people who died in the terrorist attack of 11th March 2014.


In 19th century, The king Carlos IV sold part of the Retiro gardens near the "San Jeronimo" Church. Nowadays the old cloister of the monastery is part of the Prado museum.


We start the walking tour in front of the Prado Museum and finish in the Alcala Gate.


2,5h tour.

Maximum 25 people per group.




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