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City of Segovia

Destination for all lovers of nature, art, history and gastronomy.


Famous for its restaurants where we will enjoy eating the delicious suckling pig, or the “Judiones de la granja”.


City known for having one of the best Roman aqueducts preserved in the world.


It is located about 80km from Madrid.


In Segovia we will do a small Overview of the City, the visit of the Alcazar ( Castle that looks like the Disneyland one ), as well as a walk through the Jewish quarter, considered as one of the most important of Spain.


We can visit the Gothic cathedral, known as "the Lady" of the cathedrals.


And, of course, we will admire the Roman Aqueduct, built without using cement or mortar, the stones are held by its own weight.


Maximum 30 people per guide.

8h tour.
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