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City of Toledo

El Alcazar.

Catedral de Toledo.

Puerta Bisagra.

Sinagoga del Tránsito.

Known as the city of "three cultures". Founded by the Romans, nowadays we can see even the influence of the Arab architecture, the Jewish wisdom and power of the Church.


Come with us to discover their enigmatic streets, wonderful churches, mosques and ancient synagogues.


Maximum 30 people per group.

It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes.




Half day in Toledo


On arrival, we will start doing a panoramic tour of the city, stopping in Los Cigarrales for the obligatory pictures and admire the views of the Cathedral, the Alcazar and the Church of San Ildefonso.


Then, we will enter the city through the "Saint Martins bridge", to start with the visit of the Jewish quarter and the Synagogue of Santa Maria la Blanca.


After, we will go to see the majestic painting by El Greco, "The Burial of the Count of Orgaz", located in the Church of Santo Tome.


Finally, we will visit the Cathedral, where we will see: the Choir, the Chapterhouse, Transparent, the Sacristy, where we will admire, among others, the famous painting "El Expolio" by El Greco, we will also see the Treasury for admire the stunning "Custody" made by Juan de Arfe.


Before return Madrid, if we have enough time, we will go to one of the thousands of shops in the city, where we can see how the famous "Damasquines"(a jewel) are made.


6h tour.

Maximum 30 people per guide.




Toledo (Full day)


This is the ideal and most complete tour for "no rush" visitors of the "Imperial city".


We will visit the same places of the Toledo Half day tour (Panoramic, Santa Maria la Blanca, Santo Tomé, Cathedral, and damascene Shop), but adding in the morning the visit of the Church of San Juan de los Reyes (famous for having one of most beautiful Gothic cloisters) and in the afternoon we will climb 132 steps to the tower of the Church of San Ildefonso (Jesuit), to enjoy its spectacular views.

We will also have more spare time for walk and lunch.


8h tour.

Maximum 30 people per guide..




Toledo a la carta


It is really amazing all the history and all different possibilities of visits we can do in this city, apparently, so small like Toledo.


We can combine tours of churches with mosques, streets with history, impossible passages, charming restaurants, wine tastings and unforgettable nights.


The Tour of Toledo "City of three cultures": Mosque of Christ of the Light, Cathedral, and Transito Synagogue.


The monasteries and cloisters: Puerta de Bisagra, sheds of Santo Domingo el Real and Las Comendadoras de Santiago, San Roman and San lldefonso churches.


The power of kings and Chardenals of Toledo: The Alcazar and the Cathedral.


Toledo Walking tour and wine tasting in a Roman cave:

Special "weekend": two city tour walks, spa hotel, dinner and wine tasting in old Roman baths.



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